Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Our First Blog - A Summary of January!

We are so excited to be starting our Dogs Trust blog this month! It's still a work in progress so bear with us! We hope that it will give us a medium to share more stories, pictures, videos and basically all things Dogs Trust and doggie-related with all our supporters.

So we thought we'd start with a little round up of January. It has been such a busy month for us, both with dogs coming in and dogs leaving us for their forever homes. We have rehomed a whopping 72 dogs so far this year, some of whom had been in the centre for quite a while. We are so happy to have them go off to their forever homes, and to get the love and attention they really deserve. (We do get a bit soppy seeing them go off, it's hard not to get attached sometimes!)

At the beginning of the month, we put an appeal on Facebook and Twitter for a home for a special young man named Carlow. Poor Carlow was found knocked down on the side of the road and was in need of medical attention. He had some quite big surgeries for a tiny pup, but he just proved how wonderful dogs are when faced with these trials, and was up and bouncing around in no time. We brought Carlow with us to our monthly slot on TV3's IrelandAM and following this, he was rehomed to a wonderful lady named Karen and her family.

Carlow, now called Marley, with his new Mammy!

As mentioned up above, we had our monthly slot of TV3's Ireland AM. We brought 4 dogs with us, 3 of the 4 have been rehomed, with the 4th due to go to her forever home this weekend. We are so grateful to IrelandAM for giving us this slot monthly, it really helps increase awareness of our centre and the numbers of dogs out there needing to be rehomed.

A story that you may be familiar with is the one of our little friend, Gump! We started this story on our Facebook page last Monday, with a picture of this puppy and his deformed leg. Our team of vets decided it would be better for Gump to have his little stump removed. As he was getting bigger, he was trying to use it for balance and just causing himself some sores and discomfort. The first picture on Facebook wished Gump good luck with his big surgery, and we followed up on his progress for the next few days. We had so many comments, wishing Gump well and we even had a lady stop one of our staff in traffic to ask how he was getting on. It was lovely to see so many of you moved by his story. He even received a little parcel in the post, containing a fabulous snuggle blanket from one of his fans! Check out our Facebook page for the "Gump Series"!

Gump, a 3 month old German Shepherd cross who had his front leg amputated.

Gump is now ready for adoption, so if any of you were following his updates on Facebook and are genuinely interested, please pop into the centre for a chat with our rehoming team. He is such a little superstar, he'll make a fabulous addition to any family!

Which OF COURSE is the reason we are here in the first place, to rehome all of the wonderful dogs we have living here with us. If you are thinking of adding to your family, or know someone thinking of getting a new addition, please tell them to come and see us. We get new dogs into the centre regularly and we update our website's rehoming gallery twice weekly. We are located just off exit 5 of the M50 and we open every day from 12pm until 4pm apart from Tuesdays, when we do a big clean of the centre!

If you are not in a position to adopt and would like to get involved, you can always volunteer in the centre too. We are delighted with any time you can afford to give us, so if you are interested, download our volunteer form and pop it back in the post to us :)

That's all for now folks! Keep checking back for more news xxx

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