Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dogs Unleashed Campaign

We're supporting the efforts of Dogs Unleashed campaigning for fair and balanced bye-laws in Dun Loghaire-Rathdown, where the County Council has recently proposed considerable restrictions on dog walking in the area.

Check out their video and sign the petition at

DunLaoire Rathdown County Council (DLR) has proposed amendments to the beach bye-laws that ban dogs from ever entering the designated bathing area at Seapoint and Sandycove. They also ban dogs from the designated bathing area of Killiney beach for 5 months from May - September inclusive. Outside of designated areas, dogs may be exercised off leash but only before 10am and after 7pm, which for six months of the year would be in total darkness for evening exercise. The bye-laws make dog ownership very difficult in DLR and do nothing to tackle the key issues.

The Dogs Unleashed campaign centres on responsible and accountable dog ownership. Dogs Unleashed is asking DLR to enact fair and balanced bye-laws that consider all citizens who enjoy our open spaces and not the draconian and anti-dog regulations proposed. They also want these laws enforced on the minority of dog owners who fail to dispose of dog faeces and who actually allow their dogs to be 'out of control' thereby causing any sort of nuisance to the public at large. Dogs Trust supports Dogs Unleashed in their efforts.

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  1. In Italy and France dogs are allowed everywhere by law. It was amazing to see dogs on trains and in shops and even restaurants. A responsible dog owner will look after their dogs and make sure that they'll behave.


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