Monday, 11 February 2013

Make your dogs dinner special this Valentine's Day with 'Catherine's Cakes' special!

Love is in the air at Dogs Trust and you can see our resident love struck lovers Bessie and Rosco will be seen snuggling up together this Valentnes day.

Love is in the air!
 Our Dogs give us so much love, unconditionally and not just one day a year but 365 days a year. They don't need a special day to tell us how much they love us, they tell us every day with a simple wag of their tail. This Valentines day, why not show your dog how much you love them by taking them to their favourite walkies spot, playing their favourite game or by treating them to that very special something.

Dogs Trust Training and Behaviour Advisor Catherine has been back in the kitchen, whipping up some tasty, healthy treats for our doggies and all in keeping with the Valentine's theme. Delicious and nutritious, these fancy pooch canapes look incredible too! Time to get cooking for Fido with Catherines Cakes Valentines special.

NOTE: All these recipies are doggy friendly but they are rather rich. Adjust all quantities of ingredients depending on how many dogs you're feeding and PLEASE remember, these are to be served as very small tasters NOT as a big meal! We don't want too much rich food in our dogs tummies. You can substitute a lot of the ingredients for other bits and bobs you might have in your kitchen already, or even leftovers but please check that all the foods you use are non toxic to dogs!
Try one of the recipes below and facebook us your pictures of the final product. Happy cooking!


Nutty Love heart Canapes:
(with real heart)

Dogs just love their offal and heart meat contains twice as much Collagen and Elastin than regular meat. Great for keeping your dog supple!
Can't buy heart? Use liver instead.


Pinch of your dogs normal kibble
Slithers of Heart meat
Peanut Butter (small quntities please)
Grated carrot to garnish

- Make an omelette in a small frying pan and leave to cool.
- When cool, slide your omelette onto a chopping board and use a small circular cutter to press out circles from the omelette. This will be your canapes base.
- Bash up your dogs kibble and mix through into some peanut butter. Make a stiff paste with it (more kibble than peanut butter) and spoon this mixture onto your canapes base.
- Chop your meat up into small slithers and fry. Leave this cool and then place on top of your kibble butter.
- Garnish with Grated carrot and serve for stupidly love struck, happy pooches!


Steak Tartar with seasonal salad and kibble croquettes:


Small slither of Steak
Your dogs normal kibble
Grated carrot
Grated apple
Left over boiled potatoes (or plain rice)
Parsley chopped for garnish
Honey and or olive oil

-Soak your dogs Kibble with water to form a dry, stiff paste. Add half a beaten egg and a little bit of rice or mashed/grated potato. Roll into a ball shape, flatten out into a cake shape and pop into the fridge to set.
- Cut very thin slithers of steak, no need to cook! Dogs love raw steak! (if you don't have any steak kicking about, you can use any meat your dog loves, even tinned fish).
- Grate carrot and apple for your salad and set in the centre of your plate.
- Place your croquette on top of the salad followed by your steak slithers.
- Garnish with chopped parsley and a thin drizzle of honey and olive oil


Strawberry and Chocolate Meringue nests.

NOTE: the chocolate used in this recipe is Dog Friendly Chocolate purchased from the pet shop (made from carob extract). Human chocolate can be fatal to dogs. Please do not use human chocolate. If you can't get hold of any dog chocolate, a very thin drizzle of honey will do!


Plain, unsalted mini rice cakes (can't find mini rice cakes, buy the standard size and cut into smaller circles)
Cream cheese
Doggy Chocolate

- The mini rice cakes make the base for our valentines canapes.
- Use approx 2 teaspoons of cream cheese to top your rice cake bases, shape the cream cheese to look like a meringue nest.
- Finely slice some strawberries and blueberries and rest in the centre of your faux meringue canapes.
- Melt some doggy chocolate in a bowl, careful now, it can be hot!
- Using a small spoon, drizzle elegant, thin whisps of the doggy chocolate over you meringue nests and leave to set.
Serve lovingly but sparingly and go easy on the cream cheese!

Happy Valentine's Day Doggies! xxx

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