Monday, 31 March 2014

Retirement Home Sought...

Many people want to bring the joys of dog ownership into their homes but not every home is suitable. You love dogs but you're out for part of the day. You want a dog but worry about their companionship whilst you're out. You love dogs but aren't really into exercise or daily walks. You would love a dog but don't feel physically able for one.

Do you dream of having a dog to potter about outside whilst you enjoy a spot of gardening?

Do you dream of a dog who's always happy to see you but isn't overly dependent on your time or energy?

Do you want a dog to snooze away in the warmth of your kitchen or conservatory, or to snuggle up in a heated outhouse with all the garden to explore?

Do you want to give an extra special dog the chance to discover there is something more to life than just a kennel, something more than they ever dreamed of?

Zach & Miko could be the ideal dogs for you!

Zach & Miko came to Dogs Trust from a rescue in Cork where they were abandoned at the gate. Since coming to Dogs Trust, they've enjoyed the comforts of a heated kennel, fresh food, veterinary care for their wounds and a whole lot of love! Living here is so good, they're worried they might go back to a life of abandonment. Because they are warm, comfortable and feel safe here they don't understand that there is even more to life than just their kennel and fresh food so we're appealing for a very special home for this very special pair for their twilight years. 

Zach & Miko would happily live in a secure, heated outdoor area with lots of toys to play with. They're so used to being alone together that it won't matter if you're away for part of the day. They both find the great outdoors really overwhelming and would struggle going on walks, they'd be happier to just potter about a large garden and in their own time, they'd love to snuggle up in front of a warm fire or stove in the kitchen. Both these guys struggle with handling, the poor critters have obviously received very little love in their time but despite this, they're always happy to see you and swirl their tails around in joy when they see their favourite people. They just need to know that there is more to life than a kennel and things can get even better for them. These two deserve to live the rest of their humble lives with someone to love them, adore them and provide the simplest of life's pleasures.  

In return, their lucky family will gain the most incredible trust, bond and undeniable love from this special pair. Could you be the special home these two deserve? Contact our rehoming centre for more information or pop in between 12 & 4 every day except Tuesdays and speak to a member of our rehoming team.

PS - Check out this super cute video Zach and Miko loving the camera!

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