Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Plight of Roxy

Meet Roxy!

Roxy is a beautiful medium sized cross breed, most likely a Labrador / Collie mix, who's currently residing in our Rehoming Centre here in Dublin. Roxy was born here on 31st May 2010, but unfortunately, Roxy is still looking for her forever home and she wants us to share with you, her story.

“I’ve never really known what it’s like to live in a home. As I sat in my kennel as a wee pup, I saw my litter mates be picked up by their loving new families, one by one, being taken to their happy forever after. Just as I thought my luck had run out, I was chosen too! A family took me home and promised me I’d be theirs forever, but they just didn’t understand what I needed. I was only a baby - I needed help and guidance, but instead, I was left in the back garden. I felt so lonely, confused and hurt that the people who said they’d love me, left me alone.

I missed out on a huge part of my socialisation and the whole world seemed so daunting and scary. I was on my own all day, starved of the one thing I crave the most, affection from people. Bored, restless, frustrated, scared and confused, I tried to keep myself busy to save me thinking about how desperately unhappy I was but in my attempt to keep myself busy, I ended up chewing things that the humans in the home found valuable and important, more important than me - as I was returned to Dogs Trust as they simply felt that they hadn’t the time or energy to devote to me. I only wanted to be loved.

Since being back in Dogs Trust, I’m finding it more and more difficult to cope with this kind of a lifestyle. My carers adore me, they make such a huge fuss of me here. They even built a specially designed low stress unit with my own bedroom, lounge, sun room and mini beach compound to play in. They have a lady who comes in especially to do T-touch with me (a sort of doggie massage) and I get walked off site, in new exciting places several times a week! They really are doing everything they can to make me happy and carefully monitor how happy I am to ensure they’re always making me their priority!

It’s just not the same though - all I want is a home to call my own! I just want to be loved and experience a happy home life again. I have brains to burn, you have NO idea how smart I am! I know a whole heap of tricks and adore to show off with my carers during our clicker training sessions. I have so much love to give, just ask any of my friends. I’m so, so worried about being let down again that I fall apart when my carers leave my kennel and it breaks their heart to see me so upset too.

There’s loads of video footage of me with my pal Ali. She takes me out and about all the time, even on her days off, just so I can get out of the centre for a while. We have such an awesome relationship, she said she would love to bring me home, but her own dog wouldn’t be so keen on sharing his human with another dog, neither would I for that matter!

I’ve been let down in the past and now I find it a little bit difficult to trust people, especially when people come too close to my belongings. My belongings (food bowl, chews, toys) are the only things I’ve ever really had in my life and they’re very precious to me. However, I build relationships super quickly and once I know you, there’s no getting rid of me. I’d literally dig a tunnel under the earth to get to be with the people I love.

All I ask is that my new family understand that after 4 years of living in this environment, it’s going to take me a little time to adapt to the outside world again and because of this, I need an adult only home, with no visiting children.

I don’t think I’d do all that well in a suburban or city environment, I would find the hustle and bustle just far too overwhelming. I adore walking in Phoenix park though, I could paddle in those lakes for hours on end!

I really need to be the only pet in the home. Although I used to share a large kennel with another dog, the stress of living here just got too much and I did better being on my own and not having to share my belongings. I do ok with dogs when I’m out walking, I tend to ignore them as I’m just not that interested in making dog pals at the moment. I think I might like to in time though and I’ve made a few puppy friends recently.

It might take time for you to see my true self, but be patient! As you can see from my video above, when I’m in good form, I absolutely shine! I just want a break in life. I deserve a chance like the rest of my pals here do. If you take that chance on me, you will never, ever regret it. You will find a true friend for life in me and I’ll love you for the rest of our days."

If you think you can offer this special girl a forever home, please do pop up to the centre and say hi! Our experienced Rehoming Team can tell you even more about gorgeous Roxy, and whether she would be suitable for your home. If you're not in a position to adopt, you can still show Roxy some love by sending her a gift from our online shop -

We're located just two minutes from exit 5 of the M50 - head towards Ashbourne/Derry and take the first left hand slip road which is signposted Coldwinters. We're located just at the end of that road! Our centre is open 6 days a week, from 12pm - 4pm. We close all day Tuesdays. You can email any questions about Roxy, or any of our dogs to

More information about Dogs Trust can be found on our website

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