Friday, 9 November 2012

Super Scooter!

Hi folks, my name is Scooter. I am an almost 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier crossbreed.  I arrived at Dogs Trust in January with a longstanding skin condition that was left untreated for quite some time. Although I have been told it’s all clear now, due to my weak immune system I am unlikely to be ever 100% better and will need ongoing medication.  The gang in Dogs Trust have been super duper. I got really sick recently they were afraid I wasn’t going to make it. They did all sorts of swanky tests and biopsies on me and have put me on the best of medication which I take everyday with a special treat.  I’ve even seen a veterinary dermatologist! 

To be honest, now, I just couldn’t be happier! Why wouldn't I be, I’m handsome, fun, brainy and have loads of energy.  The things I love are; cuddles, snuggles, treats, children and doggies my own size.
All the staff in Dogs Trust love me, I think I might be their favourite. They always want me to come visit them because I am so well behaved and I have no bother finding the ball when they lose it!

One of the nice people who comes into to Dogs Trust to help them out wrote a lovely poem about me which I thought you might like to read.  ‘Only a heart of stone couldn't see the beauty that lies within me, I may look tired and a little worn but please don't look at me with pity and scorn , I’ve kindness in my little soul it’s hard though always being on your own, I’ve fought my battles and I’m only small but my heart is brave and my courage is tall, maybe some day at me you will glance, and think i too like the others deserve a second chance’

And guess what?! That nice friend and her lovely family decided to adopt me last week.  They are the lovelist people and absolutly adore me. I am being spoilt rotten by my new Mom and Dad and their 2 kids Adam and Sam (that's them in the picture to the right) I also have a new brother and sister, Dubh and Candy, they are great fun to play with and even let me lie on the couch beside them.  I really have settled in so well, I'm healthy, have boundless energy and am loving life. Thanks so much to my new family for giving me a second chance and my forever home, lots of love Scooter x       

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