Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dogs Trust tips to make Christmas extra special and safe for your four legged friends.

Happy Waggy Christmas!

Christmas is all about having fun with your loved ones, toasting yourself by the fire, exchanging gifts and stuffing yourself silly. Christmas really is a magical time of the year for all of us, including our furry friends. Make the most of the festive season by playing interactive fun games with wrapping paper, making some delicious crimbo Kongs and most importantly, keeping Fido safe this festive season.

Follow these tips below to make Christmas extra special and extra safe for your four legged loved ones (and the three legged ones at that)!

  • Using left over cardboard boxes from Santa's gifts, scrunch up used wrapping paper and sprinkle your dogs dry kibble in the box so they can have to dig and sniff around in the box to find the food! Great for keeping your pooch busy!

  • Make your beloved pooch a special festive Kong by stuffing layers of turkey, ham, carrots, veggies and topping off with half a teaspoon of cranberry jam. NOTE: Cranberry sauce can be very sugary so only feed a tiny amount as a special taster treat!

  • Nothing beats a big family walk on Christmas day and regardless of how many mince pies you’ve eaten, your dog will still need walking! Wrap up warm and don’t forget the poop bags. Bring your dogs special new toys from Santa and have some festive frolics in the crisp Christmas air.
  • Twinkly baubles on the tree could prove a little too tempting for some dogs! Never leave your dog unattended around the Christmas tree just in case he mistakes the delicate glass decorations for a toy!
  • Baby gates are a great idea if you’re having friends and family over this Christmas. Section off a room to act as your dogs own retreat if he feels the festivities are getting all a little too much. Baby gates mean he won’t feel like he’s being isolated away from his family, but does mean he can feel safe knowing he’ll be left alone to relax, sleep or have a chew if needs be.
  • REMEMBER, chewing helps your dog feel calm and relaxed. If your home is a little busier than usual, make sure your dog has the option to take himself away somewhere quiet where he can enjoy a chew in peace!
  • Christmas is the tastiest time of the year and we’re all prone to over indulging. Be it cheese boards, Christmas pudding or our favourite cream liqueurs there will be an awful lot of temptation for your dog. There are lots of human foods that are highly toxic to dogs including Grapes and Raisins, so no Christmas pudding for Pooches! Turkey bones are very dangerous to your dog and even spilt alcohol could be lapped up from the floor, so please make sure your dog isn’t being sneakily fed under the table or has the option to steal food from the side board. 
  • Indulge your dog with Toys and Games rather than food and treats to help prevent your pooch becoming sick!

    Merry Christmas to you and your furry friends, and remember; A dog is for life, not just for Christmas xxxx

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