Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Adventures of Angel

Hi everyone! It’s Angel here. You may know me from my ‘Ask Angel’ column in Dog Tales magazine…

Anyway I just wanted to share some pictures with you of my recent day out to Phoenix Park, with my Canine Carer, Sarah H. I had SUCH a great day!

Poor Sarah, I pulled a little on my lead at first as I was just SO excited. I settled down pretty quickly though, and got to meet doggies young and old, big and small, all of whom were greeted with my trademark waggy bum and big wet nose!

We also met some squirrels, ducks and deer (what crazy looking creatures!). I happily met lots of different adults but didn’t really like meeting young children. They're a bit scary.

At the top of my wish list is a forever home in a house with adults, who are strong and can bring me for nice long walks. I am very sociable and love giving lots of cuddles.

I’m just a large lady with a lot of love to give!

If you think you can offer me the home that I'm dreaming of, do pop by the centre and visit me. I also have lots of friends here, of all shapes and sizes, who are looking for homes too. Here's a link to a map, so you can find us!

Be sure to tell your friends about me too - they can 'like' our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @dogstrust_ie or visit our website

Talk to ya all later!

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